How can you make sure your hotel and accommodation programme is broad enough to offer travellers choice while making sure that corporate objectives of cost and duty of care are met, particularly if you are using multiple providers?

In this webinar, George Westwell of (ASAP Quality Accredited Operator Member) Cheval Residences, Xaveer Fluitman of for Business, and Pauline Houston of American Express GBT, share their knowledge.

Watch the webinar in full or jump to these times to hear the discussion on different areas.

00:00 Introduction to the panel. What is the best way to put together a programme and who should be involved?

13:49 Should you use an 80:20 rule to identify key destinations?

20:33 Is the hotel property ‘arms race’ really that important?

24:33 What advice do you have for accommodation RFPs?

28:33 Do buyers need to think more about traveller centricity and duty of care?

37:57 How do we make sure travellers/bookers have access to the best content?

40:35 Are we moving more quickly to a dynamic pricing world, are hotel groups less keen on negotiated rates and what effect are direct campaigns having?

48:56 Let’s talk about millennials

52:39 Hotels fighting against Airbnb and how reviews are integrated

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