Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky told American news channel CNBC that the travel and tourism industries will be changed forever by the coronavirus pandemic, and the old ways are never coming back.

He believes that post-Covid, people will travel less to major tourist cities, preferring to visit less well-known destinations.

Chesky believes that travel for tourism will return – albeit in a different form from before the pandemic.

In the United States, Chesky reports that Airbnb had the same volume of bookings at the beginning of June 2020 as it did in the same period in 2019, mainly due to people travelling domestically.

As well as more local tourism, Chesky believes that Airbnb could benefit from an increased focus on working from home, as people able can work from any location or property.

Architects and designers have been trying to predict how the pandemic will impact different types of building, including the UK’s Jonathan Manser, CEO of The Manser Practice, who suggested that an increased focus on cleanliness may lead to the death of rental services like Airbnb.

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