DelSuites is celebrating becoming the first Canadian recipient of the CHPA’s Best Green Progress Award. The annual worldwide award recognises one company’s dedication to environmental responsibility and social performance through proactive policies, focused planning and targeted activities.

DelSuite’s parent company, the family-owned and run Canadian construction firm TriDel, operates under the company slogan “Built Green, Built for Life”. Already operating for more than 80 years, the focus came from Tridel’s realisation that better-run buildings consume fewer resources and produce less waste, which can mean savings for homeowners as well as being good for the planet.

Tridel now leads Canada in green residential condominium building, and more than 20% of condos in Canada with LEED certification are built by Tridel with many more in the pipeline.

DelSuites president Dan Henderson says, “This award serves as a reminder that we can always continue to grow and find new ways to progress toward a more sustainable future.”

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