The coronavirus has decimated the entire hospitality industry, and Airbnb has not been spared.

This Tech Crunch article considers how the company has been redesigning its products, focusing on longer-term stays, including for medical professionals needing to quarantine themselves from their families, and interviews Airbnb’s chief design officer to learn more about what’s been changing behind the scenes, including:

  • thousands of hosts contacting Airbnb saying, ‘We want to help’;
  • talking with hosts and governments to understand what kind of help they need;
  • looking at the behaviour of guests on the platform in real time;
  • setting a goal of 100,000 homes that would be provided for frontline workers, donated or offered at reduced pricing;
  • launching ‘online experiences’, with nearly 100 hosts offering experiences online and thousands more who’ve offered to host some;
  • using online tools such as Figma, Google Doc, Slack and Zoom;
  • the world opening up on different schedules relaxing different restrictions meaning people need to find services close by rather than distant;
  • a communications hub.

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