Airbnb is looking to counter some of the restrictions on short-term lets faced in many cities worldwide by trialling a partnership with a Parisian lettings agency, Century 21. Paris city council limits hosts to letting properties for no more than 120 days a year, London 90 days and Amsterdam is about to limit to 30 days.

Subletting is legal in France, and in Paris – Airbnb’s largest market globally – over 60% of households are rented.

Under this arrangement, a long-term tenant can apply to century 21 for an Airbnb-friendly lease, and with the agreement of the owner, the tenant manages the listing including uploading pictures, and welcoming guests. Revenues splits 70% tenant, 23% owner, 7% Century 21, subject to Airbnb fees up front. It is understood that if the trial is successful, the platform will roll the project out across France using other Century 21 offices and look to other territories globally.

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