“Connection” is not always developer-speak for free Wi-Fi, but in the case of many new luxury developments worldwise, it means frequent opportunities to socialise with neighbours at coworking tables, in dining rooms, and on rooftops, like “a community at your doorstep”.

The 2018 Consumer Housing Insights Survey found that 68% of young renters believed that “connecting with people face to face” is important in housing. Some architects and developers are calling this intentional community-building via co-living “the Cheers effect”.

Those with one friend in a building are 75% more likely to re-sign their lease, rising to 90% with two friends.

COVID-19 has put a damper on group events for the foreseeable future, but some are adapting by putting more activities behind screens and online.

The loneliness epidemic has actually got worse since lockdown, so co-living with some social distancing measures is looking even more popular.

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