As we reported in March 2017, the major thing that millennials look for when booking holidays is how Instagrammable their destination is.

A new Expedia survey has found that those aged 18-34 always research how good a location will look on their Instagram feed, with two-thirds (especially men) saying the Instagrammability of a location is the most important factor when booking.

One in four millennials will book vacations after viewing posts from social media influencers, mostly in an effort to incite envy among their friends and followers on social media, with 40% per cent of men and 20% per cent of women admitting they would post fake holiday photos.

However, according to Expedia, 20% of millennials and Gen X-ers have been disappointed by a destination when comparing it to what they saw on Instagram – especially landmarks including Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal, Dubai, Stonehenge and Times Square.

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