According to a survey by ASAP member BridgeStreet Global Hospitality, over half of all those who responded had taken a ‘bleisure’ trip, ie combining a business with leisure and extending their trip into a mini vacation. 90% of millennials in that group intended to, or had taken recently, a bleisure trip, perhaps as they are less likely to be settled into family life, so are freer to travel for longer and with less forward planning.

The rise of smartphone apps also makes extended stays easier to navigate, as they help with everything from translating languages and getting around unfamiliar cities, deliver online reviews and travel blogs, and offer access to online options for travel, finding restaurants and directing to local experiences. And serviced apartments are ideally placed to offer the kind of accommodation merging corporate requirements with comforts and freedom of home.

One advantage to businesses of staff extending their travel into leisure time is the amount they become immersed in the environment rather than just being in office situations – in other words, they are not just relaxing, but are building important intercultural skills and networking on behalf of the company.
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