With bleisure becoming increasingly an important type of business travel, and lucrative for creative travel organisations, it also brings additional liability risks for employers.

An Asia Pacific survey of corporate buyers in Jan/Feb-2018 shows that enthusiasm for granting employees bleisure trips can outweigh suitable assessment of the risks.

Some key points include:

  • Bleisure has become an almost essential part of employment packages involving business travel;
  • Not enough thought is given about potential liability and where the duty of care begins and ends;
  • There is a general lack of awareness around legal pitfalls for employers, and around risks to the validity of insurance and employers’ liability for injury or damage for employees – and their families.

International SOS and CAPA – Centre for Aviation will conduct a Bleisure webinar on 27-Mar-2018, discussing the challenges of incorporating bleisure into travel policies; the legal and insurance perspectives and examples of implementing and allowing for bleisure travel in an organisation.

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