A leaked 82-page Home Office document entitled the Border, Immigration and Citizenship System states that Britain will end the free movement of labour immediately after Brexit, and will look to deter all but highly-skilled EU workers, offering the lower-skilled residency for a maximum of two years and three-to-five year permits for those in “high-skilled occupations”.


The proposed package is designed to help cut the current annual flow of 250,000 EU nationals coming to live in Britain to the government’s target of “sustainable levels”of tens of thousands.

BHA chief executive Ufi Ibrahim has described the proposals as potentially “catastrophic for the UK hospitality industry and for those who enjoy the hospitality it brings – whether it be in restaurants, theatres, hotels, bars and tourist attractions”.

She continues: “Our research, from KPMG, shows that at least 60,000 new EU service workers are needed per year just to fill the vacancies in hospitality. The research showed that 75% of waiters, 25% of chefs and 37% of housekeepers are EU nationals.”

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