Be prepared to be entertained, energised and enlightened by Geoff Ramm, creator and author of ‘Celebrity Service’ and ‘OMG Marketing’, who is returning to give a keynote speech at the ASAP Convention on December 1st.

Geoff is a multi-award winning speaker who has challenged and inspired audiences across five continents, and here he gives us a taster of what we can expect from his presentation.


rp_BMF-Day-1-481-Copy-150x150.jpg‘The serviced apartment sector is poised at a key moment in its growth, in its development. Speaking as both a customer and a marketer, I can see amazing potential.

In the presentation I’m going to give, I am looking to get my audience excited about marketing, about the potential for their own brands, right now.

I’m going to talk to you about spotting, seizing, and even creating opportunities for, your brands.

You need to grasp opportunities from the things happening around you that may not seem necessarily directly connected with your sector, but which you start to recognise and turn into marketing opportunities.

The kind of things I mean are things that happen every day, or every year, things that you may have no control over but which you can still tap into.

Like Christmas, for instance. The 25th December comes around like clockwork, every year. But instead of just having some special offers, or some snowmen on your advertising, you need to think cleverly. One particular hospitality brand was very creative a few years back – I’ll reveal who it is and what they did at the conference. Get maximum impact for the least outlay – by being creative, clever.

So, in my speech I’ll reference some of those kinds of creative approaches, some creative campaigns that stand out – to encourage you to be aware of opportunities that present, and be ready, brave even, to jump on them.

Marketing as a discipline is basically the same, whatever platform you utilise, whatever your product. The key is to differentiate yourself, to engage your own audience, to make sure they seek you out first and foremost when they need whatever it is you are offering.

Everyone at the ASAP Convention will have a ‘marketing strategy’. A strategy for growth and development. What I’m looking for is encouraging you to get so excited, so fired up and enthused by your brand, that you become creative and start thinking differently. To get involved in your own strategies.

And it’s not just the people who have words like ‘marketing’ in their titles. Often the people with the most original ideas are those working on the front line, unfettered by writing strategies and ROIs and reporting on KPIs.

As part of your marketing, everyone sends out materials, from emails to brochures to print and digital advertising. You work in a very visual industry. Serviced apartments and aparthotels tend to be very new, modern, glamorous. You all have great pictures of your stylish and styled interiors. People have come to expect a standard of cleanliness, of fixtures and fittings, even of luxury. So you need to stand out in some way – personalise the experience. Offer something new, something remarkable.

And it’s a technologically-advanced sector. As nimble and forward-looking challengers in the hospitality industry, you should be able to step aside from the same way of thinking. In the early days of the internet, everyone knew they had to have a website, but most ended up being basically the same. This is your opportunity to think differently, to use technology differently.

I have worked with brands all over the world, and many of them have found they were actually very good at marketing, after all – it just took a bit of thinking, a bit of getting ready to find opportunities in different places.

I look forward to sharing more of this with everyone attending the Convention, and look forward to meeting as many people as I can on what I know will be an inspiring and exciting day.’


Geoff Ramm’s keynote address is scheduled from 1055 to 1140 on 1 December and there’ll be the chance for delegates to meet 1:1 with him in our ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions.

For a flavour of the success Geoff’s had in different parts of the world take a look at the YouTube videos below:–eBNIcokN&index=6–eBNIcokN

To see the full programme for the ASAP Convention:






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