The presence of European institutions makes Brussels one of the most important decision making centres in the world. A great number of NGO’s, consultancies, regional representations, media, and law firms, among others, have set up shop in the Belgian capital in their wake, making Brussels a European hub for expats and business travellers alike.

With a considerable portfolio of over 1600 units, BBF continues to lead the market of serviced apartments in Brussels, despite increasing competition in the industry. In fact, BBF continues to expand with new projects such as Westpark opening their doors soon.

Established in 1992, the company has gained significant experience in the hospitality industry. But time and regular wear and tear mean the oldest properties are in need of an update so that they may continue to offer optimal rental conditions. Staying abreast of the latest requirements, from health & safety to tenant comfort, is an ongoing challenge that led to BBF creating its own internal renovations department a few years ago

Joël Vanmellaert, director of BBF, explains: “As well as its main mandate, coordinating renovation works in our oldest properties, this department has another important task. With many landlords owning a number of apartments, motivating them to make this second investment is a crucial aspect to the continued success of our lettings.”

The common parts of Century Gardens were recently renovated, freshening up the inside and giving them a more contemporary and modern look. Additionally, security was increased by installing new safety doors in the entrance hall and new lighting brightened up the corridors. The apartments are now similarly being renovated, bringing them back up to date.

“Clients are paying considerable rental fees and demand a fresh and welcoming property to call home during their stay in Brussels. It is up to us to ensure that properties that show signs of ageing are addressed immediately,” continues Joël. “Having our own internal renovation department means we can tackle any action points quickly and easily, ensuring a successful refurbishment and happy tenants and owners.”

The department has created a win-win situation from the get-go: landlords are assured that works will be carried out properly, on time and according to budget. Additionally, higher revenues can be realised following refurbishment. And clients are able to rent economically attractive, yet newly renovated, comfortable and welcoming apartments.

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