The first Airbnb-friendly apartment-hotel complex near Orlando, Florida, is due to launch in a few weeks, but apparently the developer, Newgard, has failed to disclose properly to residents of Domain Apartments that it is set to become the first Niido Powered by Airbnb location until very recently.

In a Niido Powered by Airbnb apartment building, tenants rent out their homes when they’re not using them for up to 180 days per year on Airbnb, making Niido as landlord 25% of revenue received, while Airbnb receives regular commissions from both host and guest.

It was only late March 2018 that tenants were told they’d be getting smart locks and new doors, and realised they are destined to be the first Airbnb timeshare operation, raising fears about controlling guests and noise when their apartment building becomes an unofficial hotel.

There are three other Niido Powered by Airbnb projects planned nearby.

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