ASAP is launching a brand new Keynote Speaker Series as part of the ASAP Events Programme and while we cannot bring you our Annual Convention we will be continuing the support, discussions, and educational activities.

At a time when we are all facing challenging times, we’re initially focusing on mental health awareness, what businesses can do to support their teams, and how we as individuals can recognise signs and how the challenges can turn into positives.

We’re kicking off this series with guest speaker Pete White.

During his time in Afghanistan while in the military, Pete witnessed things that would never leave him. This kicked off a journey of mental health crisis that would see his world collapse around him, a 6-year struggle to get the support he needed and recovery that changed the way he viewed his life.

After his career in the military came to an abrupt end, Pete now uses his unique experiences to help others as a mental health author, speaker, and corporate consultant who travels the country using his own personal experience with mental health to show others that there is always hope and that by working together, we can change the way we tackle mental health and beat our demons together.

The session “From a prisoner trapped in my own mind, to holding the keys to success” is being held on Thursday 19th November at 1500 GMT and is open to all ASAP members, suppliers, and partners and all representatives of those companies.  There will be a chance to engage directly with Pete in this speaker session.

This powerful talk with Pete will tell us his story & battle with severe mental illness from his time in the military and witnessing things that would never leave him. He will share how he beat his demons to win the battle and how he used his experiences to launch a successful business. With consideration of identifying the signs of mental illness in the workplace, we kick off this new series of keynote speakers for mental health awareness & personal development.

Registration must be made in advance at the following link HERE

Pete’s Book HERE

Non-Members or for all event queries please contact Karen Taylor at