ASAP has launched an official directory as it bids to showcase Quality Accredited serviced apartments – helping to improve the standard of delivery for guests.

We are looking to create transparency around quality accredited serviced apartments, ensuring that standards within the industry are met.

In order to be added to the directory, serviced apartment providers must demonstrate that they are delivering a consistently high standard of customer care, comfort and health and safety – with guests confident that booking via one of the listed operators will guarantee not just certain standards, but also peace of mind.

James Foice, Chief Executive of ASAP, says: “Our ethos as an association is centred on staying with confidence. We want serviced apartment guests to be confident that what they book is, essentially, what they get. Our directory is designed, not only to point guests in the direction of those operators and agents they can trust, but also to be worn as a badge of honour within the industry, with members proud to bear our marque.”

He continues: “By being in the directory, our quality accredited members are able to state that they do all they can to ensure they deliver on a certain standard of service for their guests, and that they are a reliable and dependable operator. The directory is also easily accessible for prospective guests to reassure themselves that they’re booking via a legitimate operator – an important part of the process.”

ASAP is a not for profit trade body which only represents Quality Accredited Operator and Agent members currently in 19 countries, who collectively operate over 100,000 apartments and offer 3 million bed nights per year.

A core part of ASAP’s aim is to help consumers recognise the benefits of serviced apartments, and to regard them as safe, modern and credible alternatives to that of more traditional accommodation provided by hotels, with its directory designed to help make reputable operators within the industry more visible.

James Foice says: “Incidents of home sharing nightmares – where what’s been encountered is a far cry from what was anticipated upon booking – are in the news almost daily. Too many people associate ‘serviced apartments’ with the home sharing market. However, the big difference with a serviced apartment is that you not only get the home-away-from-home experience, and all the benefits that an apartment has to offer, but you also receive the same reassurances as a hotel booking.”

He continues: “There are also many benefits that serviced apartments offer over and above that of hotels, including extra space, added independence and greater privacy, which effectively sees them occupying the space that delivers the best of both.”

ASAP recently announced plans for a Global Alliance – which sees them partner with other associations around the world in a bid to drive standards on a global scale.

James says: “There’s an education process involved where we help the consumer recognise the key differences between serviced apartments, home sharing and hotels. The concept of a global alliance is the vehicle in which to start driving enhanced recognition as well as enhanced trust in what operators deliver on a worldwide level.”

He concludes: “Our directory will showcase the best that our members have to offer globally as we look to establish a model for others to follow.”

ASAP’s online directory of serviced apartments can be found here:

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