ASAP is delighted to continue its new series of interviews with key industry leaders from around the global serviced accommodation sector.

ASAP CEO James Foice interviews Phil Stapleton Managing Director of SITU as part of the Industry Leaders Live initiative – the session will discuss what the current operator landscape is looking like in the UK, whether serviced apartments will see the surge in popularity that is being suggested.  The session will also consider how we get the attention of the buyer and how we reassure them that those you work with are credible and safe along with the biggest barriers for the industry and what SITU are most excited about for the future and the plans for the next 12 months.

“As an industry we have got one voice, talking about the assurances we can give, that the product is great and it looks and is exactly what you need as a travel buyer . . .the barrier immediately in front of us needs addressing and it’s coming together, to stand together and to get the message out”

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