ASAP is delighted to continue its new series of interviews with key industry leaders from around the global serviced accommodation sector.

ASAP CEO James Foice interviews Andrew Scott Vice President Account Management at Dwellworks.

The session discovers what is happening at Dwellworks in this COVID-19 era, the nature of their partnership with Oakwood. It discusses the nearer and longer-term in need and use of housing and in the mobility and travel industry in general and the importance of ISAAP’s leading global Accreditation standard in the driver of due diligence and duty of care and its importance in kick-starting business travel over the coming months?

“Dwellworks have always been a strong believer in accreditation as it gives the buyer some additional comfort, more due diligence has been done, there’s more duty of care . . .that does provide a stamp of approval of the checks that have been done”