This week saw the launch of the dedicated event app for the 2019 ASAP Convention taking place on December 10th & 11th at etc venues, 155 Bishopsgate London in what is its 10th year.  The app which includes all of the information about the event, who is attending as well as offering the opportunity for delegates to network prior to the event as well as plan their days to maximise attendance on site was launched on Wednesday this week.

The Convention is almost upon us, with less than 3 weeks to go to the event, and even less to secure your ticket for the 2 day event, with a fantastic event programme with 18 unique sessions, 2 grand panels, 2 keynote speakers and over 16 hours of networking.  We have best rate member rate tickets as well as special rate tickets for non-member serviced accommodation providers, offering an unrivalled opportunity to come together at this industry leading event.

With the launch of the Event APP, ASAP are also pleased to confirm the full event session programme, enabling attendees to make a choice from a wide selection of panels, seminars, workshops and campfire discussions offering opportunities to everyone within the sector, and from a wide range of departments.  Unlike a lot of industry events and conferences where session content is repeated, ASAP are pleased to provide unique sessions across the two days, both of which end in an evening drinks reception.

The Event Programme includes the following

Keynote Speakers:  Day 1 Simon Calder.  Day 2: Shed Simove

Day 1 Session 1 – Data Trends, Growth and sector opportunities

ASAP Business Partners Savills and STR consider the ‘state of the nation’ and the industry with a review of the past 12 months, the challenges to the industry, the impact of key mergers & acquisitions and the future opportunities for the serviced apartment sector. The session will review the 2019 ASAP & Savills Sentiment survey, what the industry is feeling and what is on the cards in terms of opportunities, changes and predicted growth.

Day 1 Session 2 – Sustainable practices for business advantage

In a year which has seen extensive emergency and protests regarding Sustainability throughout the UK, this session will look at how businesses can establish and embed sustainable practices for business advantage. We will bring together Sustainability experts and examples from providers within the sector who have embedded sustainability within their business.

Day 1 Campfire A – Global Mobility trends present untapped profit driving opportunities within the sector. How ready is your revenue strategy?

Global Mobility trends are emerging driven by the rise of the digital nomad, changing family and home living trends, and a global marketplace where the best employee for the role may not be located in the same country or even the same continent. As a result, we are seeing the demand increase for dynamic long stay business with much shorter lead times. The session, led by Ally Northfield from Revenue by Design will consider if your revenue strategy is set to drive optimal performance in this period of transformative change.

Day 1 Session 3 Panel discussion – Branded Aparthotels – the growth, the opportunity & the impact on the sector

The session will look at key players in the Branded Aparthotel Sector, considering the growth, the future opportunity and its impact on the sector for operators and the guest.

Day 1 Session 4 – Top Tips to Crack access for all or how to tap into the purple pound with VisitBritain

Ross Calladine from VisitEngland will cover the business case for accessible tourism and top tips to help businesses in the serviced apartment sector offer great experiences for people with accessibility requirements, including the new VisitEngland and VisitScotland Accessibility Guides initiative.

Day 1 Campfire B – Your Brand: Creating emotional connections that succeed

This workshop is tailored to be of maximum benefit to marketing managers, business owners and entrepreneurs, especially those looking to develop a new brand or start a rebranding exercise. Elle Moss from Drew London will aim to take you through the fundamental stages of building your brand, how to draw out your customers emotional drivers and how to create an authentic tone-of-voice before giving practical examples of pulling these exercises together into deliverable strategy

Day 1 Session 5 – Leverage of Guest Intelligence to Deliver Great Experiences

This session will consider why reputation and the management of it is so important. ReviewPro will look at the 2018 v 2019 reputation, distribution and management response trends across the wider ASAP membership and consider the best practices of responding to online reviews. The session will consider current and future strategies and insights for improving the guest experience, the power of combining post and during stay surveys and how companies can use technology to streamline operations.

Day 1 Session 6 Panel – Katten, Ciel Capital, Barclays, Lloyds & Coutts debate “where are the Financing opportunities today”?

Moderated by Diane Scott from Katten, this panel will focus on who’s lending, who’s borrowing, the attitude of lenders to the Serviced Apartment Sector, do they look at new builds, unbranded residences or . . .?

Day 1 Campfire C – Why we should prioritise wellness in our businesses

Healthier employees are generally happier and therefore more productive. So, if you haven’t yet implemented a wellbeing program in your business, isn’t now the time to start? In this talk participants will learn: *Why you need a wellness programme in your business * What are the benefits? * How to get your programme off the ground *How to deal with objections *How you engage those who need it most *Top tips to get you started

Day 1 Industry Grand Panel – Booking Apartments, the opportunity, the challenges and the responsibility within the sector

Following on from the OTA panel in 2018, we will be heading into a live Q&A debate discussing the booking of apartments, the involvement of OTA’s, Agents and Providers as we look at the opportunities, the challenges and the responsibility for the guest experience within the sector. With live Q&A via the event app, the panel will discussions will highlight the importance of the guest experience, the safety, due diligence and duty of care along with the accreditation of providers to ensure the guest experiences what they are expecting when they book.

Day 2 Session 7 Panel Discussion – The changing face of the Serviced Apartment Sector – industry panel discussion

This panel discussion will bring together industry experts as we consider how the serviced apartment sector is changing and growing around the globe. What is the changing environment of the serviced apartment sector? How do we adapt to those changes but how can businesses also take advantage of those trends?

Day 2 Session 8 – A personal approach to wellbeing

Day 2 Campfire D – Digital Marketing – do you need to be everywhere at once?

John Heffernan from, will consider why you think you need to be everywhere at once. Does digital marketing make your head spin with a tangled web of social media? Where do you start? This session will dispel the myths and madness and deliver immediately actionable tips, hints, do’s and don’ts delivered in an educational, entertaining and non-techie style. This session will guide you from building solid LinkedIn profile foundations, developing strategy, identifying targets and how to convert those clients into leads. The session will also highlight the top 10 changes to your LinkedIn profile that will increase both your personal and business brand authority and visibility. Join this session and let’s get the conversation started!

Day 2 Session 9 – Great Expectations: The disconnect between corporate ambition and the ability to change

Great customer experience is proven to deliver a competitive edge and improved profit performance. So why do so many businesses fail to deliver in this critically important area?

In 2019, customer experience specialists ABCG surveyed over 300 C-Suite executives across a diverse spread of sectors to examine why so many businesses are struggling to deliver the customer experience promised by their brand and demanded by their customers. The results are revealing and worrying. In this workshop session, Mike with share the conclusions of the research and examine the 5 must-fix challenges that businesses leaders have to address to succeed in this key area.

Day 2 Session 10 – How to attract more international visitors, and the challenges facing inbound tourism

This session, led by Joss Croft, CEO of UKInbound, will allow delegates to hear tips and advice on working with the intermediaries to attract more of the valuable inbound tourism market; as well as addressing some of the issues and challenges that UK tourism faces in a competitive world

Day 2 Campfire E – 3 1/2 Ways to instantly improve your sales results

In this session Helen delivers a fast paced overview of the 3 1/2 things all serviced apartment sales professionals can do to instantly improve their sales results. Helen covers three areas – why customer insight will help break down doors – how using video is the most important thing you’ll do this year and how to predict the right time to call your prospects

Lunch & Learn Session with Criton

Criton welcome you to a special lunch & learn session. Grab our bento box and head to the seminar room to learn more about Criton.

Day 2 Session 11 Panel  – Creating a Seamless Guest Experience

What is a seamless guest experience? What delights the guest? What do guests expect? How has this changed and what is the impact on the sector on delivering? How can systems improve the seamless guest experience? Tech, in-room provision? Booking procedures? The panel come together to discuss the what the guest is expecting, how the face of the guest has changed and what are the opportunities for the sector to be delivering a seamless guest experience to draw people to serviced apartments?

Day 2 Session 12 – Attracting and retaining staff – Is professional development the key to success?

Moderated by Jane Pendlebury, CEO at HOSPA, this session will consider if professional development is the way forward. As recruiting new staff continues to be challenging, Michael and Tom will discuss the benefits of sourcing the person with the best cultural fit and then enabling them – through professional development and motivation – to perform at their best.

Day 2 Campfire F – ASAP, GASA and the world of opportunity for the sector around the globe

Discussion session on ASAP, CHPA, the Global Alliance of Serviced Accommodation (GASA) and the opportunity around the globe for raising awareness of the sector and the importance of accreditation for the guest experience & what we can do to exploit the opportunity for the sector.

Day 2 Grand Industry Panel: World of Opportunity for hospitality, the sector and the Association

Join the ASAP Advisory Board, key industry leaders and Kate Nicholls of UKHospitality as we consider the opportunity for the hospitality sector, the serviced apartment sector and the Association with live Q&A

For the full event programme click HERE  and to secure your tickets for the two day event, click HERE special rates for members and ASAP Business Partners and for non member serviced apartment operators offering you the ideal opportunity to engage with industry experts and to find out more about the Association and the benefits to you and your business.

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