I’ve been a ‘hanger-on’ with the ASAP team since I started running the newshub site, which was also around the time I went to my first ASAP Convention back in December 2015.

As someone obsessed with news, and who loves to travel and unpack a suitcase in a hotel – or apartment, obviously! – this seemed a dream assignment. Reporting on trends and news across hospitality, and specifically how it affects the serviced apartment sector, has led to many an interesting dinner table conversation. I used to know nothing about the sector – like many consumers, I imagine – but the more I learn about this forward-looking, modern, tech-led part of hospitality, the more I like it!

This year I’m really looking forward to my fifth ASAP Convention, especially the difference it’ll make having the exhibition stay in place, running over the full two days, and all the additional chances to network and meet people I usually only write about.

I’ve already posted in various places on the team’s behalf about the Early Bird prices that save Members over £150, and that these savings are available until the end of September.

What I didn’t know until Karen told me today is that there are also substantial discounts available to non-Members as well, to serviced apartment operators or agents who would fall under the different classifcations of ASAP Membership but who aren’t yet Members – and that these can save as much as £324 (inc VAT).

So a message from me, as someone who still has much to learn about the workings of the Association and the benefits of Membership, to those people who operate within the sector and are curious about what Membership an offer them – why not join me this year? Let’s find out more together!

All these Early Bird tickets are only available for the next few weeks – and only if you buy on or before 30th September.

I come home buzzing every year, and I hope to meet even more people than ever this time.

Be great to see you there!

Becky Hoyle, Editor ASAP Newshub

Book now! or click the banner below, or contact ktaylor@theasap.org.uk to find out more.