This April Fool’s Day, SilverDoor has announced a brand new opening – Total Eclipse Apartment provides serviced accommodation on the Moon, located in the Apollo Landing Site, approximately a four minute walk from Neil Armstrong’s flag.

This one bedroom unit features a double bed, one bathroom and a fully gravitational kitchen, which includes a rocket-fuel powered oven and a cheese grater.

In the living area there is a flat screen TV, with Intergalactic channels, and free wireless internet, which is available for $12 per orbit of the Earth.

This property also features 1,737 kilometres of private land, including multiple craters and mountain ranges.

Maid service is only provided every other week due to the staff travelling from Neptune. Apollo-gies for this. On-site landing space is available at no extra cost.

*Please note, this apartment is only available until midday on the 1st of April.

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