Hot on the heels of its new Adventures offering, Airbnb has launched its Luxe properties, 2,000 new listings so far, including entire islands, medieval castles, wineries, authors’ luxury mansions and wildlife reserves.

Airbnb Luxe is in effect a re-branding of its 2017 acquisition Luxury Retreats and is competing with Onefinestay, ThirdHome and Paris Perfect. It is aiming banking on those who started out renting from Airbnb at $100 a night but who are now wealthy and want to rent at a higher level but from the company they still appreciate.

The average listing costs $14,000 a week, but can go as high as $1 million. VIP support will be available from Airbnb’s 20 trip designers if guests want even more exclusive bespoke experiences.

Each property, owned and put forward by by mega-wealthy families and celebrities, is reviewed against a 300-point luxury and amenity check list.

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