Airbnb has released this week an open letter to “boutique hotel and bed-and-breakfast owners,” inviting them to advertise their rooms on the platform, which it describes as better for them than the big OTAs such as Booking and Expedia.

It states that it has direct access to millennials and international travellers; offers new categories including vacation homes, unique spaces, boutique, etc; mentions the upcoming Superguest loyalty programme; claims to have lower fees than the OTAs charge for independent, non-branded hotels; says it doesn’t require hoteliers to sign contracts; and states they won’t be competing with the Marriotts or Hiltons on Airbnb.

It also released findings from a report which showed that almost half of independent hoteliers had used Airbnb in the last year, but while 69% had advertised via Expedia, 57% on and 65%, most were unhappy with the commission fees. When told that the OTAs generally charge smaller small boutique hotels higher fees than larger, branded properties, 59% were negative about third party booking, and 65% were positive about Airbnb’s 3-5% commission.

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