Airbnb has made it easier for people travelling with friends, family or business associates to share the cost of their accommodation up front, rather than struggling to claim back each person’s portion, by launching split payments for group travel globally. The company put out a request for new ideas last year on Twitter, and the launch follows multiple survey and test phases worldwide.

Airbnb acquired the peer-to-peer cross-currency startup Tilt in February, which has now been integrated into the platform. The split payment system works when a trip organiser requests to book a listing for a group and the reservation is blocked as “awaiting payment” for up to 72 hours, giving members of the group of up to 16 people time to log onto Airbnb and pay their respective portions.

Of those survey respondents who have taken 10 or more group trips in the past five years, 18% said they have lost $10,000 or more and 29% have fought with a friend, over unsettled group trip repayments.

The top five destinations where respondents are booking group trips from were Paris, New York, London, Buenos Aires, and Los Angeles, and the top five cities were Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and London.

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