Airbnb co-founder and CEO, Brian Chesky, recently spoke at both the Oxford Union and the New York Stock Exchange about what it was like to launch a $31-billion company, and confirmed the likelihood of a future initial public offering – although with no firm date.

During the Oxford Union talk, he also gave bit more insight into the company’s anticipated foray into the flights arena, without many details, but hinting it is likely to extend beyond just metasearch or booking. So far he has  enlisted the help of major airline CEOs, Elon Musk and others around topics including vertical takeoffs, technology and circular runways.

He also discussed the opposition Airbnb is facing in some cities around the world, especially in New York, acknowledging the need for regulations on short-term rentals. He hopes the company can work more with landlords as part of its Friendly Buildings program, which is now available in 3,000 cities.

According to a report from NERA Economic Consulting, Airbnb generated a total global economic impact of $61 billion in 2016 and supported 730,000 jobs worldwide, estimated to be 1.3 million jobs worldwide in 2017.

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