In the US, privately held Airbnb doesn’t have to say much publicly about the state of its business, but accounts published in the UK show it has two businesses, Airbnb UK Ltd and Airbnb Payments UK Ltd, with both recently filing tax returns.

Airbnb UK’s stated purpose is “promoting the Airbnb online marketplace”, while Airbnb Payments UK Ltd’s activity was “payment processing conducted on behalf of Airbnb Ireland UC” and in all markets outside of the United States, China and India.

This article outlines some findings, including that HMRC is taking a close look at Airbnb UK; that Airbnb UK Ltd paid $2 million (£1.52 million) for Accomable, but put it into liquidation in September this year; that Airbnb UK made a pre-tax profit of $772,000 (£590,662) while Airbnb Payments UK earned $2 million (£1.5 million.); Airbnb costs of $373 million (£285 million), mainly “merchant fees paid to payment processors”, rose 45% in a year; and how much each part of the business paid in tax.

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