Booking platform agoda’s inventory of over 1 million properties worldwide has for years included all types of homestays, providing insight into the impact of non-hotel accommodation.

The agoda Travel & Tech Study is based on a survey of 16,000+ respondents aged 18-64 across 15 countries, and reveals some key findings:

  • Domestic travellers are more likely to book privately-owned homes/apartments when staying close to home or travelling to neighbouring countries.
  • Travellers from the UK (88%), US (84%), Asia and Australia (75%) will most likely consider booking a privately-owned home or apartment within their home continent.
  • Reasons for choosing hotel alternatives varies between countries, some to accommodate families and large groups, some for reasons of cost, some for travel experience.
  • Trends in the most popular type of non-hotels vary per market across B&Bs, private homes, villas and guest houses.

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