Hospitality businesses are especially vulnerable targets for cybercrime, with so much data accessed, payments made, identities logged and bookings made online.

Over the last two years IT breaches have been reported at Trump Hotels, Starwood, Hyatt and others, and there was a recent malicious malware attack on credit card transaction security  at IHG. Smaller hotels could be even more vulnerable, rarely having teams of IT engineers.

Advanced IT is a relatively recent addition to hospitality industry essentials, which can lead to holes in security for many hoteliers where IT security training may be lacking. Phishing emails can commonly be sent within organisations where staff are doing multi-functional jobs but don’t always know who has asked them, which means viruses get more easily shared.

The article discusses issues such as: malware; ransomware; Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS); blended attacks; webcam hacks; data theft of every card swipe; staff vetting procedure; the fact that hospitality and IT are recently very dependent on each other, but not a natural mix of sectors; the fact that every new layer of technology brings with it new security challenges and a means to be exploited; and offers 13 solutions that hoteliers should consider to ensure security.

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