According to this ‘Hotel Management’ article, there’s a revolution going on in the hospitality sector around how we define and choose hotels, led by five factors: digital innovations, such as mobile booking, check-in, payment and in-room service; the availability of internet marketing and the rise of OTAs leading to increased competition and pressure on room rates; consumers becoming more sophisticated and better educated via online ratings and more international travel, leading to them looking for a sense of local character in their hotel room and their stay; the rise of “bleisure” travel, ie taking a business trip and adding a few days of vacation at the beginning or end; the impact of the sharing economy and peer-to-peer lodging platforms.

It also discusses the growth of three types of accommodation: boutique, lifestyle and soft-brand hotels; sharing economy-meets-hotel options; and hybrid hotel products such as new lifestyle brands, which blend private-rental, hostel and hotel formats in a community living space shared also with locals.

The conclusion is that it is vital to seize the moment and adapt to the changing concept of hospitality to expand market share.

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