It’s still 7 weeks to go until the August 13th deadline for submissions for the 2018 ASAP Awards, but that time will flash by now we’ve started the busy holiday season.

We thought we’d share some hints and tips for a successful entry, starting with feedback: the judges cannot provide individual feedback on submissions, as we now receive so many! However, they have given general feedback on why the winning entries were shortlisted and why they won over-all.

Feedback on the 2017 Entries

The winning entries were successful because:

  • the entry clearly identified and gave evidence for all of the things the judges were looking for within their entry
  • the supporting documentation was relevant and clearly supported the entry and its criteria
  • factual information in the entry was supported by relevant and recent evidence
  • they reflected the description of the award category, both in its written submission and supporting documentation
  • they were clear, concise, but key – they met the overall brief for the award category
  • they reflected the achievements of the campaign, the individual, the team or the company and the achievements were clearly demonstrated.
  • the entry was high quality in its written submission, the method of submission and the supporting documentation submitted
  • they were entered into the correct category.

Remember, there is no entry fee made to enter the awards. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain!

Start your entry submission here >> [edit]

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