Before Covid-19 hit the travel industry, corporate travel expenditure alone was projected to grow into a $1.7 trillion industry mega-segment by 2023. Instead hoteliers are facing the toughest time in industry history.

This article discusses some innovative, but simple, ways harnessing a customer-centric and technology-leveraged approach, hotels can maximise booking at their hotels and access newly emerging domestic markets, to ensure they better outlast the coronavirus effect.

These include using chatbots for competitions; upgrading the hotel’s visual impact, including VR marketing; polishing email lists and using them for social media marketing; investing in PR; selecting third-party booking partners wisely; collecting and using survey data; and optimising the user experience on your website.

It concludes that while the record-busiting corporate spend might be postponed, there is broad confidence that a new form of ‘business-as-usual’ will be achieved, and economies will start to function normally once again.

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