A new survey of 286 hospitality by hospitality recruitment agency the Change Group found that only 6% had claimed to be ill and taken a day off when they were actually fit to go to work. 37% had not taken a single day off sick in the previous year, and another 40% had only taken off one or two days as a result of illness.

The majority of people questioned said they had gone into work while they were ill or unwell with some reasons given that taking time off was “frowned upon by their employer”, to “avoid being sacked” and to ensure they were paid. 28% said there was no one to cover their role if they were away.

However, the majority cited positive reasons for working despite feeling ill, including responses such as: “supporting my fellow workers”, “because I love my job” and “because I’d rather work than be at home if I’m well enough”.

A third of employees questioned said they can take unpaid days off work if they are sick, but are not eligible for any sick pay; a third are entitled to time off with full pay while almost a third are only paid statutory sick pay.


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