According to a survey of international frequent travellers by ASAP Member Cheval Collection, a fifth of people would now be very happy to visit London for a business or leisure trip, and half would be very happy to visit Edinburgh.

The research also showed that the majority of people planning to visit London and Edinburgh over the next six months expect to go walking and visiting parks and dining out, with between one-third and a half will visit attractions, go shopping, and visit friends and relatives. Two-thirds would be somewhat or very confident about staying overnight in London or Edinburgh for business travel, and nearly as many for leisure trips.

70% said they’d prefer to stay in an apartment in London or Edinburgh for business and leisure, hotels were rated first by 60%. Other options such as Airbnb style accommodation were favoured by just 42%. Confidence levels were highest in the 18-34 age bracket.

Cheval Hospitality Survey 2020-compressed