In a poll of 1,200 business travellers and 400 aged 23-35 who haven’t yet started travelling on business, Hilton Hotels & Resorts found that 53% love to travel for business and will actively create reasons to travel for work.

The report on so-called “next-generation” business travellers, however, found that around one-third continue to feel stressed by travelling for up to a week after a trip, with 38% unable to enjoy a weekend ahead of traveling on business.

There is also an effect on health; 44% say they’ve put on weight as a result of business travel, and 58% sacrifice sleep and wellness on the road.

Other concerns include not understanding expenses as part of their travel policy; negative effect on personal life as a result of a company not considering a work-life balance (although 75% have made friends and 35% say they have started a romantic relationship while on a business trip); and 54% would like to extend a business trip for leisure, but are concerned about their line manager’s reaction. However, 59% regret not extending a previous trip to allow more exploration of a destination.

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