The number of apartment buildings with lifestyle facilities that rival four and five-star hotels has risen dramatically in London over the last 10 years, according to estate agent Kay & Co.

More aptly described as hotel-serviced apartments than Serviced Apartments as we would know them, these are residential apartments enjoying the luxury of Hotel-style amenities: there are now 1,083 five-star rated apartments in London with a combined value of over £2.4 billion. In the eight inner-most districts of Central London there are now 38 buildings providing some 4,000 hotel-style apartments.The number of four and five star rated developments has risen dramatically, and new apartments with hotel type amenities now sell at a 62 per cent price premium compared to second-hand conventional apartments.

Top lifestyle features might include squash courts, swimming pools, spas, private gardens with contemporary sculpture and water features, banqueting halls, restaurants and bars, crèche and other childcare facilities, golf simulators, housekeeping, grocery shopping and dog walking services, and private members’ clubs.It is believed to be only a matter of time before the five star concierge style services spread outside the capital.

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